Shellter Hacking Express #01

On January 15, 2017, we will make the first Shellter Hacking Express (SHX).

And what is SHX? You must be wondering. Well, SHX is an event that will take place on average every 15 days on Sundays. You may have noticed that the past CTF issues that are available on Shellter are worth very few points, correct? The questions that matter most will give you only 100 points, and are very difficult to solve. By participating in SHX, you will have the opportunity to earn more points, and climb the ranking faster.

Yes, all SHX issues will be available after the event ends, but they will only be worth 20% of what they were worth during the event. So be sure to get join live.

The SHX # 1 will begin at 5:00 pm UTC, and will last only 4 hours. The 3 issues will involve problems in Python. Do you really understand the language? Do you know the the weakest points?

Come play and learn a little more!

Register Now.

Keep hacking. Go Shellter.

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