Shellter is coming back…


We know it’s been a while, but we promise you that it’s not going to happen anymore. We’re excited to introduce you new features we have been working on.

Create Teams
Create your own team and invite your friends to play with you.
Choose your team mates right, their skills will affect the way your team goes on the competitions.

Armyants Team

Stay Updated

We’ve added a new topic at CTF Master page with the latest challenges, so you can keep track of what’s new.

Recently added challenges

Better ranking pagination and Friends raking tab

Now you have a better way to navigate through ranking instead of only doing next, next and next. Also, we’ve added a friends tab so you can easily see the ranking between you and your friends.


Ranking of your friends

So far we have only two badges. Get rewarded for completing your registration and for solving your first challenge.  New Badges to come.

Shellter Rewards


New features coming soon:

  • More challenges!
    Beside past CTF Challenges, we will have our own exclusive challenges.
  • Team Ranking
    See which team is the best and take yours to the top!
  • Team Chat
    Talk to your team members. Discuss challenges, help them become even better.
  • Newsfeeds and Activity Stream
    Follow your friends feeds, see what challenge they just solve, share you thoughts and knowledge!

We hope you haven’t gone so far away. Come back and create your brand new team, invite your friends and keep practicing.

ShellterLabs is a small team, but we work hard to get you some security knowledge and a lot of fun. Feel free to contact us and give your feedback. Let’s us know if you need anything.

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